Yoga Workouts for Swimmers

Swimmer's Edge Yoga is the first online yoga coaching program specifically designed for swimmers.


Our workouts focus on the particular strength and mobility requirements common to swimming: shoulders, hips, core strength, and back as well as breathing and mind-body connection. We construct our workouts to enhance a swimmer's training, racing, and recovery as well as to help prevent typical swimming injuries. The swimmer is always in mind.


Swimmer's Edge classes are stored online and can be watched from any device with an internet connection. Swimmer's Edge classes fit into any swimmer's/team's daily workout schedule. A full season of content is offered, so your yoga classes never get stale.

Have you been wanting to incorporate yoga into your swim training? Not sure where to find a yoga instructor who understands/coaches swimming? Do you want to offer yoga to your team, but aren't sure how to get started? Join other the many other individual swimmers and teams practicing yoga with Swimmer's Edge today.

Let Swimmer's Edge Yoga bring swim-specific yoga to you or your team in a way that fits your practice schedule.


Why do Swimmers Need Yoga?

Swimmers are tremendous athletes. Not only do they train hard in the pool, but the best of them engage in challenging dryland programs to build strength and endurance.


Yoga is an excellent way to connect a swimmer's rigorous dryland training to the work he or she does in the pool. Yoga builds on  swimmer's strength training by adding a flexibility and stabilizing component and promotes the mind/body connection, giving swimmers more control of their increasing strength when they are in the water.


Yoga also actively encourages recovery with intelligent stretching and restorative postures that help prevent injury and ready a swimmer for his or her next training demands.


Yoga develops mental preparation, relaxation and breath control, all crucial for race day as well as to navigate seasonal workout demands. 


What is your swimming missing? Explore more yoga benefits below:


*$59 for unlimited access to a whole season of yoga, including taper workouts 30-day FREE TRIAL


*Access to our Intro-to-Yoga for Swimmers video workout 


*Unlimited access to over 30

45-minute classes that will fit into

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